Tuesday, August 7, 2012


What an amazingly LONG three weeks! Parties, baby showers, weddings.....aaahhh.

I've found that when they are all crammed together like that, I feel like I've jipped my guest of honor.
This last Saturday, we literally ran from one event to another.

We had Michael's grandmother's 90th birthday at 11, a dear friend's birthday Pig Roast at 1 and a wedding for two very special people at 6.

ALL of these people mean the world to us. Believe me, would have been much easier if I could rank importance if there was an Uncle Norris who picked his nose and drank too much brandy was on the list, no such luck.

We attended all three, we even changed clothes in between, but I forgot my very own favorite lesson that day. Be present. Live THIS moment.

It saddens me that I, the queen of preaching, forgot to just be where I was and stop letting the thoughts of where I had to be later get in the way.

I can honestly say, there was one moment that I couldn't help but be present on Saturday.

You've all heard the phrase, "took my breath away."
Yeah, well, that never happened to me until my dear friend M came around the corner in her wedding gown.
It was like the wind had been sucked right out of me.
She was ABSOLUTELY beautiful.
As soon as I made eye contact with her, I cried.
I've been to a million weddings, I've seen a trillion gorgeous brides. This has never ever happened to me in my life.

If I was allowed one present moment that day, it was an amazing one.

Thank you all, for inviting us to celebrate your days with us!
We are so blessed with wonderful friends and family.
My heart is full.

Photos tomorrow, I PROMISE!!

Talk Soon,

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