Phd.? nope

Expert? not really

Guru? Not exactly

So, then why the heck are you all going to read my blog?

School of Hard Knocks baby, that's why!

I've had my emotional ass handed to me a few times in my lifetime. Like, A LOT.
The edge I have, you ask? I've lived the shit and am standing here, completely floored that this kind of happiness is real. I always thought this contentment was for other people and I never felt welcomed into that "other people" group.

I read all the books, Googled the crap out of my woes, cried a million tears, even lost my lunch a few times. I figured this "happy" thing out with my own compass and all I want to do is share what I know to anyone who will listen so they may save themselves years, yes, years of unhappiness.

Have you ever lived through something awful or even just a little stressful and thought, "Man, this sucks and I really want this shitty feeling to go away."? Of course you have!! We all have!

I still experience awful things, stressful moments, but the way I live through them is where I want to pass on what I know. I can absolutely promise you, there is another way to live and I want to share it with you.

I want you to be the best you.

We are going to cover some stuff on this blog and lots of it. And you will be sitting right where I am, saying, "I didn't know this kind of happiness was for me.".

Welcome, you found this site because this is where you are supposed to be.
Shall we move on and kick the shit out of misery! Hell Yeah!!

xo Melissa

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