Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hey guys! So happy you linked here to join my book club! 
Here's the deal...
Like every other book club, we will have a selected book each month.
Since I always have two or three going at a time, I'm going to throw out a non-fiction option as well
if anyone is interested in reading both. I'm trying to set up a chat room for us, so we can discuss the book, life, etc. I know myself, if I waited to post the first book until it was done, we wouldn't start reading until next month!! There will be a large assortment of genres. I read EVERYTHING! 

This month's book is a light, easy, fun read. I felt we should start with a little girly fun!

I don't read a ton of fluff, but Emily Giffin would be one of my faves!

I just know you will enjoy this!

My non-fiction option for the month is one of the most influential books I think I have ever read.
Life changing, really. If you are looking for positive change in your life, this book is what you need!

Oh, one last thing!! Over to the left, you see that gadget that says "subscribe"?
Could you please, oh please put your email address in there? Two things happen, You don't miss a post and I can send you a book club newsletter! I don't share anyone's email! Ever! Honestly, it really pisses me of when my email is handed out when I'm not aware of it! 

Ok! Enjoy the book, or books and I will be in touch with all kinds of fun stuff this week!

Talk Soon,

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