Friday, June 29, 2012

Most Important Fact

I really wanted my first post to be "blow your mind" awesome. I truly did.
I wrote and rewrote and could have written a 6 page post with everything I wanted to say.

Then I realized, how many people are really going to even read my first post? 
I think it is safe to say 2. Yes, 2. 

I hope more followers come back to the beginning and read the first post because I've decided to just give you all the "Most Important Fact".

Its kind of the rule you will use over and over again throughout the lessons in my blog.

Get your pen people, write this shit down!!

* You will always only have control of YOUR thoughts and actions. I promise. You will never be able to change anyone else, just you. Don't get discouraged because when you change your thoughts and actions for the positive, amazing things will happen. I promise that too. *

Talk Soon, Melissa

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